A Food Chain shows the flow of energy through an ecosystem or biome. All energy starts from the sun in a process called Photosynthesis.

Plants are defined as Producers since they can "produce" their own food using sunlight.

(Also referred to as Autotrophs=Self + Nutrition)

Animals are defined as Consumers and need to take food from others (since they cannot make food for themselves).

(Also referred to as Heterotrophs=Different + Nutrition)

Consumers can be divided into subtypes:

  1. Herbivores are Consumers that eat plants.

  2. Carnivores are Consumers that eat animals.

  3. Omnivores are Consumers that eat plants and animals.

  4. Detrivores are Consumers that eat dead plant and dead animal materials.

  5. The Top Predator is at the highest level Consumer of a food chain and does not have any Consumers that use it for food.